Desenho em um carro em movimento

[By T.K Justin Ng in Canada] Last summer, I went on a road trip with a friend from Vancouver to Calgary. For our last day, we had to drive from Calgary back home. I did a quick drawing after breakfast and we began our long drive right after. I drove the first half of the […]

Pintar o Lago Louise

[By T.K. Justin Ng in Canada]  This past summer, I went on my first road trip with a few of my friends from Vancouver to Calgary, spending a few days in the Banff National Park. Instead of showing you just the sketches I made, I’ve recently begun making videos sharing the stories and adventures behind […]

Calgary - Edifício Bow

Calgary (aka Cowtown, Capital of the new west) only ever existed in my imagination until I visited very briefly yesterday. I’d heard of the huge boom (based on oilsands – more jobs created in Alberta last month than in the entire U.S. according to an article in the paper), chinooks in winter (warm blast of […]

Calgary comes up James Short

Who is James Short and why does he deserve a park? The internet tells me there used to be a James Short School on this spot. I can only assume the school sunk into the ground leaving the clock-tower projecting out of a tiny bit of lawn. The ‘park’ is a postage stamp green zone […]

Calgary airport and Rocky Mountains

Calgary airport and Rocky Mountains, originally uploaded by Matthew-1. It took 20 minutes to go from the banality of the airport tarmac in Calgary to the sublime Rocky mountain peaks on the Alberta / BC border. Unfortunately it was impossible to sketch the mountains, they are not exactly urban anyway.