O antigo edifício de Hong Kong dá um vislumbre do passado

[Guest Post by Gary Yeung in Hong Kong]  Located on the outskirts of our busy central business district, this building in Wellington Street is one of the very few remaining pre-war tenement buildings in Hong Kong. It was built in 1879 after the great fire in central Hong Kong. The ground floor originally housed a […]

Sheung Yiu Folk Museum and the Hakka culture

Guest Post by Gary Yeung in Hong Kong It was a fine afternoon at Sheung Yiu Folk Museum with a band of merry urban sketchers! From left to right, the sketch illustrates the entrance guard tower to the fortified Hakka village, a typical hat to be worn to fend off the sun while working in […]

Protesto de Hong Kong contra a dissolução da fronteira Hong Kong-China

June 20, 2014 By Gary Yeung Hong Kong Friday afternoon Hong Kong’s Legislative Council tried again to approve the North East New Territories Development Project. The approval of the project means the Hong Kong-China border will be effectively dissolved, leaving Hong Kong defenseless against any form of aggression from China’s communist regime. A previous attempt […]