Superando o Meu Medo das Alturas por Gaudí

[Quando estive nesta cidade incrível para o simpósio em 2013, na verdade senti falta de ver muitos edifícios realmente famosos. Por isso, quando voltei a Barcelona em Julho passado, fiz questão de visitar alguns dos ícones da arquitectura da cidade. Este esboço é um dos meus favoritos de [...].

¡La Sagrada!

By Orling Dominguez in Barcelona, Spain. I think I was one the first ones to arrive to Barcelona to participate in the Symposium. I travelled early to avoid or at least recuparate from the jet lag quickly (didn’t work, I was just in Santo Domingo time during my whole trip). As other sketchers started to […]

Still reliving my time in Barcelona

I am slowly scanning and posting about my time in Barcelona and the symposium over at my blog… I certainly did a lot of sketching over the two weeks that I spent in the city. This particular sketch of the famous chimneys on top of Casa Mila is one of my favourites. Can’t quite put […]

The city of Gaudí

For many reasons I was thrilled to be going to Barcelona…I had dreamed of seeing the works of  Antoni Gaudí for many years.  Of course, being part of the USk Symposium, meeting so many wonderful people and experiencing Barcelona if just for a few days was much richer even than I imagined!  Here are a […]

Gaudí (& al. infelizmente)

The last day in August (CK again??). Víctor is drawing every Gaudí of Barcelona for a book. His plan for today is the Finca Miralles Fence so I go drawing with him. It’s 4 in the afternoon, the sun is still high and casts long and quite ugly shadows, so I invent some others that probably do not exist but help explain […]

Park Guell, Barcelona

It was a long and wonderful summer of travel for me and I’ve finally had the chance to scan some more of the drawings I made in Barcelona. These are drawings I did at Gaudi’s Park Guell – a fabulous fantasy in concrete and ceramic that I have wanted to see for 20 years! Well, […]