Ng Fook Thong Temple, George Town, Penang

Urban Skerchers Penang is an active Sketchers group, we will meet for Sketchwalk almost every Sunday and public holidays. Ng Fook Thong Temple located in Chulia Street, George Town, Penang is one of the oldest private school in Penang. Built in 1898, this traditional Cantonese style Chinese architecture still well preserve.

Penang Road

Panorama view of Penang Road & Chulia Street (left) & Penang Road (right).

海墘新路姓楊公司與救火局 Yeoh Kongsi & Bomba, Victoria Street

海墘新路的楊公司霞陽植德堂是檳城福建五大姓公司之一,其位置離喬治市中心稍微遠一點所以常被忽略掉。楊公司一般好像也沒對外開放,記憶中和耀威工作時有隨他一起進去過。裡面養了好幾隻凶猛的大狗和種有很多美麗的夾竹桃,花開時非常美麗但這植物卻是有毒的。為何美麗的東西往往是劇毒的呢? Victoria Street at George town, Penang. On the left is a colonial building and the right one is a Chinese clan house, Yeoh Kongsi. George Town has a harmony mix of different types of architecture and heritage buildings. Size: 28 x 76 cm Media: Chinese ink on paper

Viagem de linha IV

Hi all Sketchers, if you happen to be in Penang in November, do come to my solo sketches exhibition. This time i will exhibit 40 sketches of recent travels this year which include Bangkok, Taiwan, Spain and Guangzhou.

Série Beach Street

Size: 56 x 76 cm Media: Chinese ink & watercolour on paper   Size: 76 x 56 cm Media: Chinese ink & watercolour on paper