Sketch swap Montreal - Girona (e depois alguns)

I’m a little late in posting the details of our Montreal-Girona Sketch Swap, but better late than never! The germ of the idea comes from Mark Liebowitz, New York City urban sketcher and organizer extraordinaire. Here’s how sketch swap works: on a mutually agreed upon date, sketchers from the two cities go out and sketch […]

Girona, Napoleão e algumas outras aberrações

Some weeks ago some sketchers from Barcelona went to Girona to meet with with local sketchers and to draw the reconstruction of the siege by the napoleonic troops in 1809. A nice day and a good feeling that we sketchers are not the freakiest people in the world. The one on the left side is […]

Desenho de Girona com o grupo da USk Girona.

When a new group of Urban Sketchers is created a start enlightens in the sky… Well, it may sound a bit disproportioned but this new group is in one of my favourites cities of Spain, after Barcelona of course. SomeBarcelona sketchers went to draw with them a military recreation of a siege suffered by the […]

I miss Spain

I enjoyed meeting, talking, listening, learning, visiting, seeing, drawing things as much much as eating. These are sketches at meals.