Uma ponte, dois takes.

[By Suhita Shirodkar, San Francisco]   I drove north across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco into Marin County last week. However many times I drive across that bridge, it is always an incredible experience. So I couldn’t help turning out at the first exit off the bridge- a vista point that looks back […]

The fog, the wind, and a sketch

Yesterday was a typical summer day in San Francisco. Foggy and Windy. Especially by the Golden Gate Bridge. I’ve sketched this bridge before on an uncharacteristically clear and calm day, but somehow it seemed right to attempt it on a more typical day. I made this first sketch from the car, parked just below the […]

Ponte Golden Gate, São Francisco

Desenhar a Ponte Golden Gate vai fazer-te beber. Não me diga! Decidi encará-la de frente e atravessei metade da ponte de São Francisco para me sentar e concentrar-me num dos seus altos postes. A construção é tão bonita. Os elementos decorativos parecem estar a mover-se no sentido oposto [...]