2 cafés, 2 vistas

Now that the season really have changed its more comfortable drawing inside. Here are two different views from cafés I go to, one overlooking the Clyde with a view of the hills the other a fairly generic shopping centre view. Oh and Happy Thanksgiving America!

The circus is in town

Big sunny days, large green park, big blue sky and the circus rolls into town to complete a set of full on primary colours. Hooray for blue, red, yellow and green.


Since I’ve been freelance I sometimes start the day with a quick swim in Gourock’s outdoor pool then back to work in front of the computer, a great start to the day. They say we’re in the middle of a heatwave here in the UK!

View of Gourock and the Clyde from my window

This for the moly x 53 group. Its a totally international group with artists from Spain, USA, Australia, Netherlands, Germany and Argentina. I thought it would be a cool idea to draw a view from where you live. So to start this is a view of the River Clyde from my window. It doesn’t look […]