Tired riders on the New York A Train

[Guest post by Michael Aceves in New York City] During my first years in The City I worked on the 82nd floor of the World Trade Centers, North Tower. In the morning I’d catch the A Train in Harlem at West 125th Street and ride it all the way down to Wall Street. With each […]

Phone sketches on the Vancouver SkyTrain

[Guest post by Michael Aceves in Vancouver, Canada]  While working in Canada for the winter, I purposely sought out a small flat beyond downtown Vancouver which had the advantage of not only being cheaper than a city apartment (Vancouver is a rather expensive place to live) but also gave me about 15 minutes of daily […]

Frozen to the core: winter sketching around Vancouver

[Guest post by Michael Aceves in Vancouver, Canada] From time to time I travel away from Los Angeles for work. These are examples of sketches I did around Vancouver while working there last winter. My friend and I made a goal of heading out each weekend to draw/paint at different locations in the city. He […]