Workshop: Desenhar agora, pensar depois

Looking for the perfect subject, angle, composition, materials and tools to use etc can take lots of time and bog you down even before you start sketching. This approach is to bring these down to the essentials of a few tools, few techniques and few approaches so you can enjoy what you like to do […]

Isiwari Jinja (Santuário) no Japão - 石割神社

[By Mike Daikubara at Ishiwari Jinja]  Last month I visited my father in Japan for a short 1 week visit and we took a trip to Lake Yamanaka in Yamanashi prefecture (about 2 hours from Tokyo). It’s a place we used to come often when I was a child during the summer time for it’s cool […]

Crítica do livro: O Esboço de Mike Daikubara Agora, Pense Mais Tarde

[By Tina Koyama in Seattle] Urban Sketchers correspondent and symposium instructor Mike Daikubara has done it again – published another fantastic book. Self-published, his other books are collections of his work by topic or travel location, such as the one I reviewed a few years ago about his journey along Boston’s Freedom Trail. This time, his […]

Boston Workshop – 1 Additional class on July 15th (Saturday)

Update (July 7th)  As of this morning, the workshop Sold out! Thank you for all your interest in this workshop! miked —— Hello, It’s been one week since my last 2 workshops and I had a great time meeting local sketchers and sketching our beautiful city! Since I’ve had more people that wanted to take […]

Esboço AGORA pense mais tarde (W16) participantes do workshop

Hello Sketch NOW think later (W16) Symposium workshop participants: I wanted to send out a quick note to the people that have signed up for my workshop in July. First of all, thank you! I’m super excited to have the privilege to teach at this year’s symposium. 2nd: just last week I was in Chicago […]

Viagem ao Reino Unido Parte 3 - Finale! : Liverpool, Edimburgo & Glasgow

[By Mike Daikubara in UK] The day after the USk Symposium, my family and I headed to Liverpool to spend a day touring around the renowned birth place of the Beatles.  I haven’t listened to the Beatles in a while but listening to albums such as Abby Road on the train ride to Liverpool quickly […]

Viagem ao Reino Unido Parte 2: USk Manchester!

  [By Mike Daikubara in Manchester, UK] Continued from Part 1. We took the Virgin train from London to Manchester and this time around our 1st class seats were reserved unlike the Thames link Train! The ride was also quite pleasant too! Walking from the train station and arriving at our destination, the INNSIDE hotel […]

UK Trip Part 1: Pre Symposium trip (London + neighboring scenic sites)

[By Mike Daikubara in London] Once a year my wife and I try to take an overseas trip somewhere and this year we decided to tie it in with the USk Manchester symposium trip. Unlike the other symposium’s I’ve attended in the past, this was the first year I was going as an instructor – […]

Mercedes para Flaf

[By Mike Daikubara in Westwood, MA] For the past few weeks I kept on driving by this beautiful car near my house and couldn’t stop thinking about Flaf. Last Saturday morning I finally got to sit real close to the car like he would have and got a sketch. I may have gone overboard with […]