Viagem de esboço para o Butão

[Sanjeev Joshi in Bhutan] 25 Urban Sketchers from Pune, India visited Bhutan in the month of May. We sketched extensively during our stay of 6 days. Bhutan is a neighbouring country to India. With the highest happiness quotient, it is one of the most beautiful countries with the nicest people. It has a negative carbon […]

Shaniwar Wada, Iconic heritage structure of Pune

[By Sanjeev Joshi in Pune, India] Sunday 2rd April was an eventful day for Pune Urban Sketchers..To celebrate a completion of 12 years of Warsaa,a heritage shop,we were asked to conduct a sketching session at shaniwar wada( a fort type residence built in 1739)..About 70 turned up for sketching..I am sharing some photos of this […]

Kerala vist

  Recently visited the state of kerala in india..was facinated by the roof geometry and chinese fishing nets at cochin..I have tried to sketch the impressions of the place..As always the colour patches were done beforehand without any place in mind.!!..

Esboços recentes...

Partilho alguns esboços recentes feitos em vários suportes, tinta, esboços e aguarelas ...Estes são feitos durante a minha viagem à aldeia chamada Shrivardhan em maharashtra...Tentei captar a essência do local em vez de detalhar as estruturas individuais..Gostei de os fazer ..Espero que também goste deles

some sketches done during austria and switzerland trip.

last month i visited vienna and few cities of switzerland with a family..I had very little chance to breakaway from my familygroup of 6 and sketch ..yet i managed to do some quick sketch impressions of what i are some..The colour patches are preplanned and painted to save time and hassle on spot painting..the […]

Pune, Índia

One of the great things travelling abroad is the possibility to meet other sketchers. When I knew I was going to Mumbai I decided immediately to visit USk correspondent Sanjeev Joshi. He lives in Pune, only 4 hours from Mumbay what for India is quite a short distance.  Pune has an important industrial sector and is also know […]

Viagem de esboço de Revdanda...

Just back from a visit to revdanda, a  coastal place near Mumbai ,with semi urban feel,I have tried to get the feel of this place through some watercolour sketches and some ink on colour patches…sharing them with you all…

esboços de aquarela depois de um intervalo...

did some water colour sketches after a long gap.This is fergussion college campus in india ,pune.Tried to capture the colonial features in essence,rather than detailing the buildings..water colour medium is perfect for such impressionist sketches.Its starting of summer time in India, sun is shining bright in the sky..lovely time to work on light and shadow […]

Anjarle village sketches..

These are some impressions of my visit to a village in Konkan area of Maharashtra, India..I have used my recent technic of prepainted colour patches and composing the sketch around it…