Door to Door

[by Fred Lynch from Boston] On this cold, cold day in Boston, where the ground is covered with deep snow, my mind wanders back to the warmth of summer, on the streets of the little Medieval town of Vitorchiano, in central Italy. There, last July, in the heat of the afternoon, I travelled door-to-door around […]

Posições precárias

By Fred Lynch from near Boston, Massachusetts Always check the back of an Italian town, I say. That’s because the oldest ones (perhaps they’re all old) are built in positions to easily defend – often on a high cliff, and they’re always a fascinating subject. A perfect puzzle of buildings huddle together, perched on the […]

Pictures of Pictures

By Fred Lynch near Boston, Massachusetts Twin Staircases in Vitorchiano Why do we draw what we draw?  Does it matter? When you set out to draw, where do you go? Do you have a destination in mind already? Do you wander to find inspiration? Do you prefer to go to famous places – well known […]