Esboço em Lanzarote: Dia 15. Ensopado até às minhas cuecas!

[por Lynne Chapman, de Inglaterra, em Lanzarote] O nosso último dia! Voltámos de carro até à zona perto de Maguez, onde tínhamos caminhado no dia anterior. Não podíamos fazer uma caminhada adequada, pois não queríamos ficar todos suados antes de voar, por isso sentei-me entre as flores amarelas e esbocei, enquanto John oleou e levou [...]

Esboço em Lanzarote: Dia 13. O Parque Vulcânico

[por Lynne Chapman, de Inglaterra, em Lanzarote] Estávamos a conduzir através do parque de vulcões no sudoeste da ilha. Este é um local deslumbrante, onde cada curva da estrada revela ainda mais formas, cores e texturas. Estava desesperado para sair e pintar, por isso John parou e eu sentei-me ao lado [...]

Vulcões em visita

[by Marcia Milner-Brage, near Mount Rainer National Park, Washington, USA]   It was a pilgrimage of sorts. A bucket-list trip, for my husband especially, to get close to two volcanoes in the South Cascade Mountains—Mount Rainer and Mount Saint Helens. He’s an avid amateur geologist; volcanoes really excite him. This is not the first trip […]

Stromboli, under the volcano in 3D

by Simo Capecchi in Sicily, Italy In Stromboli sketching it’s too easy. Colors are simplified. Shadows are strong. To paint, you just need Black and Payne’s Gray. Loose yourself observing the see and the sky is the main job here. And reading, or drawing. The rock in the middle of the sea is Strombolicchio, a […]


By Murray Dewhurst in Rotorua, New Zealand Rotorua. You know you’ve arrived when that delightfully sulphuric rotten egg aroma has a firm hold on your olfactory senses. Also known as Rotovegas or just Vegas to the locals, but it couldn’t be any different to Las Vegas, sure it’s streets are lined with neon encrusted hotels and tourist attractions, but visitors don’t come here […]

Vesúvio: Ultramarine Blue e Siena Queimada

Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Sienna mixed together give a great array of greys, browns, indigo and deep blues, like often mentioned in watercolor manuals. I used only these two colors for another Vesuvio portrait. Few weeks ago it snowed on our volcano and, rare event, also on mount Somma, at its left.  I swear that […]

Vesuvio Collection

Vesuvio is Naples main icon. I love to draw and paint our volcano in different light conditions and from different points of view. Here it is in a collection of recent watercolors, like this one above, and old sketches – 12 postcards, one for every month of the year. Happy new year full of sketches […]

sketching Mount Etna erupting

We were woken up at 6:45 this morning to shouting and everyone pointing to the volcano. Giuseppe told me to get my sketchbook and start drawing it, so I got up on the roof and my friend Marty filmed the moment. As the sun began rising over the sea, the colors of the smoke intensified […]

Drawing the volcanoes

Our 5 year old is currently fixated on volcanoes (dinosaurs too!). He gets me to read passages out of a reference book before bed every night. The book is full of terrifying facts about the things but he laps it all up. As Auckland is built on a dormant volcanic field of 50+ volcanoes, it’s […]