Waiting Again

by Fred Lynch near Boston, Massachusetts A couple of months ago, I shared sketches of fellow patients at my doctor’s office. Here are some more. They’re quickly made – by necessity. I sit for twenty minutes each week following my allergy inoculations (a precaution, in case of an adverse reaction), and during that time, I […]

Sala de espera

Alguns esboços rápidos feitos na sala de espera do departamento de raios X do hospital local. Estava a ser examinado o meu pescoço e ombro depois de os magoar ao tentar subir a uma árvore (esses dias acabaram claramente!) para a podar. Nada demasiado sério, mas está a demorar muito tempo a sarar, desenhar e computar é [...]

Waiting Room People

Waiting for my husband in the waiting room of Rancho Bernardo Surgery in San Diego, California.

Look at my eyes

I made these drawings while waiting my turn at the ophthalmologist’s office. The 2 ladies had quite appropriate attitudes for the environment. The first one caught my eye because of the garish color of her pullover, not so usual for older people. Some full bright colored appearance would have been much less thrilling than that pullover screaming in the midst of a sober and discreet clothing, combed gray hair, dark stockings, black skirt … The lady insisted on looking at some indeterminate point in […]

Waiting Room

A waiting room while getting my car serviced in a San Diego Automotive Repair shop. 2 hours of sitting allowed for A LOT of cross hatching.

Doctor's Office

Doctor’s Office, originally uploaded by Cathy (Kate) Johnson. We had a long wait this time…glad I had my sketchbook with me! I DID run out of ink in my Noodler’s pen, though…

Moorfields Eye Hospital, Londres

Com a chegada de alguns flutuadores invulgares ao meu olho direito no domingo à tarde, dirigi-me ao Moorfields Eye Hospital ontem de manhã, que por acaso é cerca de dez paragens de autocarro na estrada a partir de onde vivemos. Foi uma experiência de abertura de olhos em mais do que uma forma: Sentei-me numa sucessão de salas de espera [...]

À espera e sentado

The more time I have, the more time I have to sketch. That unfortunately includes waiting areas, such as the one below, while I was waiting to get my brakes fixed. I also find time in hotel rooms/cabins. We stayed at a little cabin in the Texas Hill Country last month, giving me enough time […]