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On Thursday – as part of the activities for our company retreat, a few of us visited a very small firm set up by two young brothers. One of the brothers was on the phone in the middle of the discussion. The other brother was standing on the right behind the ladies. They were explaining to us the process of tranforming the traditional Chinese herbs into bottled herbal drinks you see here on the table. Today, there are 19 flavours compared to the humble 5 flavours of herbal drinks when they first set-up during the SARS epidemic in 2003.


On Friday – “Oleh Oleh” means “present” in Malay. it is the name of the small open cafe known for its local Malay pastries and deserts especially my favourite “lopez”. Lopez is a glutinous rice topped with grated coconut and sweet syrup. Together with black coffee, the combination is just heavenly. The two couples were discussing on an interior project over the laptop directly in front of my table. The near-by HSBC bank was still open when I left at about 8pm.


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