Последний этюд в Осло

When I first arrived to live in Oslo in 2008, the first location I discovered was this building, a terminal for one of the boat company, making the trip from Germany to Norway.
It has always reminded me a sort of food factory.
Before boarding or when you leave the boat you have to cross this structure, even if you come with your car.
I like to think there are some magic things happening inside, making you a different person. When you appear on the other side, you ´ve been transformed by this magic building.
When I entered in it, I was somebody coming from abroad with experiences of life . At the exit I was like a new born, discovering a new world. Even a street light could be facinating for me!
I spent a year and half in Norway but I left recently. It was probably the most obvious sketch to close the chapter of the wonderfull experience I had in this country.
I´m now back to France, living in the city of Blois.


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