Hi everybody,
It was my first Sketchcrawl in Blois.

In Blois, we are far from the modern city map, where everything is square or straight.
Located on the “Loire”River banks, Blois offers a very particular silhouette where the shapes and their arrangements on the “Loire” steep slope expresses the rich history of the place.

Being alone to participate to this artistic day, I opted for the “car” which allowed me to discover some interesting views.
This choice was the good one because at 15:00 it started to rain.

The black and white sketch was done from a car park half way between the train station and the castle. Some roofs of the castel appear behind the old “bourgeoise” houses.
The sketch color (watercolor) has been done from the bank of the Loire river, next to the “Vienne” neighborood, near the heliport. You can see the Saint Nicolas church (12th and 13th century) with its very massive proportions but elegant, and the ‘Jacques Gabriel” bridge built in the 18th century. The bridge has been bombed many times during the 2nd World War but it resisted and was never completely destroyed, while the district on the Loire banks was completely erased.

I hope you will like the sketches.

From Blois, France.


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