I call these dancers “The Jump Up Guys”! They jump up a lot. The little guy on the left is dancing with his hula hoop.

On the right is the skater, “Sexy Guy” – it says so on his belt!

This is “Robot Boy”!

Вероника, Лиз (both fellow Urban Sketcher correspondents), and I spent an afternoon drawing in Central Park while Liz was in New York on her grand tour! Ronnie gave you the low down on the afternoon, which was terrific and amusing. This is a drawing of “Martini Man” so aptly named because he is “shaken, not stirred.” He is one of the people who dance in the center of the CPDSA skating circle near the DJ. in other words, he doesn’t skate, but he does plant his feet firmly on the ground and vibrate up and down in a very sharp feeling kind of motion. he doesn’t move from the spot where he is standing, he just does the up and down sharp motion. I don’t know how he stands it, but he does. Amazing!


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