Манчестер, прекрасный город

[Stephanie Bower, Seattle] I was literally scanning and cropping these sketches when the news from Manchester came through. In going through sketches over the weekend, I had come across these that I had not yet posted.

After hearing the shocking and tragic news, I decided not to do the post. But this morning, I thought maybe I should, as these are sketches from the heart of Manchester, the Town Hall and near Manchester Cathedral. They are my love letter to the city in a time of sadness.

Albert Memorial in front of Manchester Town Hall.

I spent about a week in Manchester last summer before, during and after the Symposium. 

Simone and the team were so proud of their city as they bused a large group of instructors to see the sights. It’s a beautiful city in a real word kind of way. Some gorgeous architecture, but what really resonated was the heritage of strong, hard working people (manufacturing buildings throughout), further evidenced by their TWO amazing football/soccer teams. I saw a city that wasn’t pretty, it was красивый…and it breaks my heart that this beautiful city has just seen this kind of senseless tragedy.

So today, I remember and honor the spirit of Manchester with love in the way I know how… with a few words and sketches.

Old half-timber building across from Manchester Cathedral.


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