Копико Аотеароа - дни 8 и 9

[By Murray Dewhurst in New Zealand].   Kopiko Day 8, sketchbook 1 is complete! What a different start to the day – rather than waking to gunshots, we wake to the sound of Ross making scrambled eggs in the Tuahu station kitchen. Great breakfast, my clothes hand washed last night are dry clothes (yes!), so […]

Копико Аотеароа - день 6 и 7

[By Murray Dewhurst in New Zealand].   Kopiko Day 6 was a big one! Starting with a nasty climb out of Waikite Valley, which in turn is an invigorating downhill on the othertside. We ride one of the few State Highway sections for a few kilometres looking for the turn off into the Rainbow Mountain single track. […]


[by Teo Cheng Huat, Beijing] Weekend outing with my brother-in-law Darren’s kids, it was Hazel’s birthday. The venue is not far from where we stay in a make over warehouse space. Covid 19 is still affecting everybody and we found out that the place is literally empty. The instructors offer to take the kids on […]

Копико Аотеароа - день с 3 по 5

[By Murray Dewhurst in New Zealand].   Kopiko Aotearoa Day 3 I wake to the pleasant sound of horses munching grass outside my tent. Nice! Ohura is still dark and misty when we’re back on our bikes and riding up the beautiful Matiere valley, past lots of old sheds and houses like this sketch. The […]

Рад всему

  [By Lis Watkins in  London] When I was growing up in Brighton, a town on the south coast of England, our footballing rivals were always Crystal Palace. There were a myriad of terrace chants, let’s call them ‘banter,’ that each set of fans used to sing, most of which I couldn’t repeat here. As […]

Копико Аотеароа - День 2

  [By Murray Dewhurst in New Zealand].    Day 2 starts with the realisation that my sleeping bag isn’t warm enough. At some stage in the night I’ve fitted thermal gloves – to my feet, all my clothes are on and I’m wearing a merino hat on and it’s still cold. Mmmm hopefully that’s a […]