Episode 4: Couch Travelling

April 26, 2020 “Couch Travelling around the World”

Стефани Бауэр joined us from her kitchen in Seattle, surrounded by framed sketches of Paris and Italy. Stephanie was trained as an architect and currently is an architectural illustrator. She’s been a part of Urban Sketchers since 2012.
We visited Amsterdam, India, Paris, and Dubrovnik through Stephanie’s sketches. Her curiosity and desire to learn about a subject influence what she sketches, often buildings, as she says she sketches like an architect. But her sketches focus on the space around an interesting building, or an interior space. Stephanie says that spending time sketching a place then becomes part of your DNA, and that she feels a special connection to these places.

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Challenge from Stephanie Bower

Stephanie offers a reflective challenge. Spend time with your early sketchbooks. See how your sketching has evolved, what you have learned, note an “aha” moment and what sketching has meant to you.

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Former scientist and current illustrator Оливер Гуллер took us to Thailand, Cambodia, and Bali with his sketches. He and his family recently moved from San Francisco, CA (US), back to Vienna, Austria, by way of South East Asia, sketching along the way.
Oliver focuses his sketches on the character of buildings or people, observations, and moments of life, and says to focus on the part of a scene you care about and edit what you see as you sketch it. He says that while traveling, he may start with a line drawing, and add context, color, and annotations to it as he has time because, especially when traveling with a five-year-old, his approach is to “be finished at all times.”

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Challenge from Oliver

Oliver suggests revisiting your travels through memorabilia and souvenirs you’ve collected. Combine them in a sketch – not as a still life, but as a vignette. Combine them into an interesting shape and annotate it with a travel memory.

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