Father and son

[By Benedetta Dossi at the Sao Jorge Airport, Azores]   When I was in Sao Jorge aiprort, I sketched this father and son. The kid wanted to show him something but its father was looking to the cellphone, maybe searching some information about the trip. Kids give us always a different point of view!

sketch and writing

[By Mário Linhares in Azores, Portugal] This was a presentation exercise during a workshop retreat in Azores.  How can we present ourselves when you don’t know the group so well? Drawing and writing can be a good way to do it! I walked around a little village called “S. Roque”and found the perfect layout to […]

Заседание Исполнительного совета USk и Sketchcrawl на Азорских островах, Португалия

23 February 2015 UrbanSketchers.org sketch by Paolo Brilhante This weekend the Urban Sketchers Executive Board will be meeting in person in Azores, Portugal. During these strategic planning meetings the Board will be evaluating our current initiatives and planning for the future. USk Azores will be organizing a sketchcrawl on Sunday, March 1st meeting up at […]

Азорские острова

We have a new USk group. They are from Azores, Portugal and have beautiful islands.  I was there in march to help launching the group and I felt the place really overwhelming and great for sketchers! These three sketches were made in the warm lagoon called Furnas. They have there a monitoring and investigation center […]