[By Richard Sheppard in Cloverdale, California]  Over the past two weeks, massive wildfires have ripped through Sonoma and Napa Counties destroying entire communities. It began on a Sunday night just before midnight with high winds carrying the flames across miles of land in a matter of hours, igniting businesses and homes as inhabitants slept in […]

Башня из книг для эскизов

[By Richard Sheppard in Cloverdale, California]  I admit it. I love art books. Drawing, watercolor, illustration, animation, and of course, sketching are some of my favorite subjects. This stack represents approximately 15% of my total art book collection, but even still, I feel my library is no where near complete. What are some of your […]

Лауреат премии "Грэмми" Пол МакКэндлесс и "Заряженные частицы

[By Richard Sheppard in Cloverdale, California]  Last night Grammy Award winner and world renowned jazz superstar, Paul McCandless, played with Bay-Area Jazz Trio, Charged Particles, to heat up The Jazz Club in Cloverdale, California. McCandless recently celebrated his 45th anniversary with the jazz super-group, Oregon. McCandless plays soprano, tenor, and sopranino saxophones, oboes, English horn, […]

Знакомство с корреспондентом: Ричард Шеппард > Винная страна округа Сонома

"В 1980-х годах я получил степень бакалавра в области студийного искусства в Университете штата Аризона. Переехав в Сан-Франциско, я изучал иллюстрацию в Академии искусств под руководством Барбары Брэдли, Баррона Стори и Говарда Броуди. В Академии требовались этюдники, и именно там я начал делать зарисовки на пленэре. Зарисовки на публике [...].