In a few strokes: left flowers

[by Javier de Blas in Madrid] 15.01.2019 Yesterday we said goodbye to a very dear person. We have distributed in vases, the flowers that guarded his departure and now they accompany us for a few days.

A Chinese Funeral

According to Kat, her grandma led a bad life. She got married when she was very young and bore three children after. If I am not wrong, she was 15 years old since she was married. She managed her own business in Arab street that brought up her children single handedly. I couldn’t really remember […]

Thatcher’s funeral, St Paul’s Cathedral, London

It’s the former prime minister Margaret Thatcher’s funeral at St Paul’s Cathedral on Wednesday, and the barricades and makeshift TV studios are up and ready. My cycle route to work, which passes close to the cathedral, will be diverted tomorrow because of road and bridge closures. As I stopped to draw these coming home today […]