USk Workshop: Line to Color Workshop in Orange County, CA

Line to Color Workshop is back this year with a return visit to Orange County, California June 14-16, 2019. Join us for a wonderful weekend of sketching and learning in San Juan Capistrano and Laguna Beach, California. Get inspired by the beautiful landscape and ruins of Mission San Juan Capistrano and waters of the Pacific Ocean. […]

Танцующие линии: Рисование тушью на месте, люди, места и вещи

Миры столкнутся, а чернила разбрызгаются, когда урбанистический скетчер Киа Киан Ч'нг из Пенанга, Малайзия, и Мелани Рейм из Нью-Йорка, США, объединят свои усилия, чтобы провести насыщенный мастер-класс, где будет править линейный рисунок. Страсть и процесс рисования архитектуры и людей, а также сочетание того и другого, с печально известными, сделанными вручную веточками Киа Киана и [...] Мелани.

Мы маршировали за надежду

[By members of Urban Sketchers Seattle at the Women’s Marches in Seattle and Olympia] Tina Koyama: I am generally not politically vocal. I prefer one-on-one conversations to public expression. Whenever possible, I avoid large crowds. But I have deep concern about the U.S. being led by a man whose values support so many things I […]

Зарисовки в Такоме!

[By Gail Wong, Gabi Campanario and Virginia Hein] This past weekend, over 150 urban sketchers converged on downtown Tacoma, Washington for the 4th Annual West Coast Urban Sketchers Sketch Crawl.  Sketchers came from up and down the west coast of the US–from California to Canada, and several from Arizona!  Local organizers Frances Buckmaster, Kate Buike and […]

Туристический автобус Kenworth 1937 года для Flaf

[By Gail Wong in Seattle, WA]I always wondered how Florian, Lapin and Gabi were  able to make these beautifully exaggerated drawings of cars and boats.  So thanks to the tip on drawing, I tried my hand on this 1937 Kenworth Red Tour Bus that was sitting in the Longmire Historic District right in front of […]

Преимущества городских скетчеров

[By Gail Wong, Suhita Shirodkar and Laurie Wigham on the Stanford University Campus, Palo Alto, CA, USA] Urban Sketchers has created an international family of sketching friends.  It is always a great opportunity to meet new people at the symposiums or to touch base with sketcher friends as one visits different parts of the world. While […]

Наконец-то легкорельсовый транспорт в Сиэтле!

[By Gail Wong in Seattle, WA, USA]Seattle is a city that deliberates for years before getting anything passed by the voters.  For years we’ve had discussions, studies, votes on how to deal with our transportation issues in the metropolitan area and how it links to nearby outlying neighborhoods and towns.  Traffic is very bad here […]

Внутренние панорамы

[by Gail Wong in Seattle, WA, USA]Альбом для акварельных зарисовок размером 5,5″ x 8,5″ хорошо подходит для создания панорамных видов, если его раскрыть полностью и рисовать на двух страницах. Именно так обстоит дело с видом интерьера Центральной библиотеки Сиэтла. Я был там на лекции и специально спустился пораньше, чтобы [...]...

Скетчинг Скетчерс

[By Gail Wong from Seattle, WA]One of the fun things about the Urban Sketchers Symposiums are the Drink and Draws after a long day of workshops.  Here you get to know sketchers from all over the world, have dinner, drinks and share sketches or sketch each other.  Being an architect, I draw buildings and spaces […]