Прекрасная весна в Исфахане

[By Behzad Bagheri in Isfahan, Iran] These days we have a very nice weather in Isfahan. Sometimes it’s rainy and a little hard to go out to sketch, but other times we could enjoy from walking around and sketching. These are two sketches from outside of the Gheisarieh entrance. Colors are wonderful now, and I […]

В поисках источника

New year in Iran began on March 21. During the Nowruz holidays, people are expected to visit one another (mostly limited to families, friends and neighbors) in the form of short house visits, which are usually reciprocated. Timche “Haj Karim Poosti” I’d like to share some works from a month ago about light sources in […]

Cool and cold

A view from the roof of the bazaar   It was a cold autumn day in Isfahan, not rainy. But very good time for me with wonderful subjects to sketch. Wish you also enjoy them. Some teamsters were resting near their horses in Naqshe Jahan square.  They were eating their launch

Istanbul and the Grand Bazaar

My wife and I had a nice trip to Istanbul, a fantastic city with opportunities to sketch around every corner. Just after our arrival we walked along the waterfront towards the Galata bridge, filled with fishermen. The sketch shows the fabulous Yeni Mosque. After crossing the bridge we climbed the hill and found ourselves in […]

Игра с огнями/базар

Базар Исфахана или Исфаханский базар - это исторический рынок в Исфахане, Иран, один из старейших и крупнейших базаров Ближнего Востока, датируемый 17 веком. Базар представляет собой сводчатую двухкилометровую улицу, соединяющую старый город с новым. Базар Исфахана расположен в самом [...]...

Кафе в Kapalı Çarşı

I was in the area and decided to pop into the Kapalı Çarşı or Grand Bazaar, for a sketch, some tea and shopping. There are so many cafés to choose from within the labyrinth of shops and stands, I intend to one day try them all— if I can find them! Please click on the […]