Трамп, Россия и Лондон

[Джеймс Хоббс в Лондоне] Я наткнулся на Трамп-стрит во время легкой прогулки по лондонскому Сити в воскресенье утром. Утром в воскресенье на улицах города царит жуткая тишина, за исключением редких церковных колоколов. Трамп-стрит находится в старом средневековом районе Лондона, хотя, благодаря череде пожаров, бомб и городских [...]...

Прибежище в Йоркском монастыре

[By James Hobbs in York.] We’re back from a family weekend break in York, having met up with Daughter 1, who is studying at university further north. There is a lot of history to encounter in York, and we intersperse the tourist things with cafes and cake, like you do. We brave the walk around […]

сказочная деревня в германии

I went for a few days to a very small and unknown village in the south west of germany last week: neudenau. the main place is an impressive juxtaposition of old medieval houses, and in spite of the 3ºC and the rain, I manage to sketch some of them. I wish I could have sketched […]

Peterborough Cathedral

Peterborough is a city about 75 miles north of London, and one of the places I visited when I toured around England in a small Fiat dormobile in 1990 with just a bunch of pencils and sketchbooks for company. I’d pitch up in a town, work out what I was going to draw, spend the […]