Поездка в Иерусалим

In the end of this January I made an unexpected trip to Jerusalem. Unexpected because it was planned for the summer. But it’s came out I have to go now. I decide to visualize my every move. This helped me to concentrate. Especially in this high-tec streetcar. Also I saw some old and familiar see-sights […]

Я в доме

Kandern, Germany. It seems forever since I’ve posted, and one of the main reasons is that I’ve been stuck in my house. This isn’t bad, really. I like my house, but I sometimes wish I had a bus or train to ride in the morning, or a chance to sit on a bench and sketch […]

Two meals

Two sketches done a while ago with a bic blue ballpoint pen and ecoline watercolors, at two different meals. At lunch time just above these lines and at dinner at the very top. In both drawings there´s Cristina (my wife) either on the left or the right side and colors were always applied to the sketches by memory after coming […]

fun on sunday

i had a fun filled sunday morning painting/ sketching.The area i sketched is heart of pune called Kasba area,from which the city of pune grew in concentric outward way.The old is mixed with new in this area.The narrow bylanes and new taller buildings give a very shadowy effect when you walk on the road.The cars […]

Последний этюд в Осло

Когда я впервые приехал жить в Осло в 2008 году, первым местом, которое я обнаружил, было это здание - терминал одной из лодочных компаний, совершающих путешествие из Германии в Норвегию. Оно всегда напоминало мне что-то вроде пищевой фабрики. Перед посадкой на корабль или при выходе из него вы должны пересечь [...].