Семейные фотографии

[by Fred Lynch near Boston, Massachusetts] A project I’m currently working on is researching my immigrant ancestors and drawing at the places where they lived. It combines two hot topics of contemporary American times: immigration and genealogy.  Often the records I find resemble the immigrant ancestor’s house that stood before me in this picture—far from […]

Создание собственных сувениров: три дня на Святой Земле

[Гостевой пост Джонатана Альсина Сегура в Израиле и Иордании] Я не могу выбирать, когда мне путешествовать, это дело бюджетных авиалиний и их низких цен. На этот раз они решили, что я поеду на Святую землю. В январе я посетил Израиль и соседнюю страну Иорданию. Продолжительность моего путешествия составила [...].

Roman sketches, first days of the New Year

Not much to report from Rome in the new year apart from that the beautiful city and it’s ruins are still standing on. On a more serious side, it was a pleasure to rediscover the beauty of Watteu’s trois crayons technique- involving just three colours. The discovery seriously lightened my sketching gear and allowed for […]

Чай и руины в Фетхие

I have been scannerless ever since I moved downtown, and have a book of sketches that I have been hoarding. I hope to remedy the situation soon. Finding a good scanner that isn’t a junky scanner/printer in Istanbul is not an easy feat, and having been swept up into the insanity of a new school […]

Veterans Hospital Ruins

Veterans Hospital Ruins, originally uploaded by Cathy (Kate) Johnson. I’ve been feeling like urban sketching, lately, and urban ruins fascinated me. This is what remained of our old Veterans Hospital as of last weekend…more of it is gone, now, along with the snow. It became the Job Corps Center decades ago, along with the rest […]