The Last of Greece

Oia, Santorini Originally uploaded by I’ve been posting since August about my trip to Greece this summer. I hope you’ve enjoyed the work. I’ve finally come to last of the reportage drawings so I’m going to conclude this series with a piece from the island of Santorini. I’d like to invite you to view […]

more views of Santorini

well I’m beginning to realize that I really made a lot of drawings in Greece. I didn’t think I’d still be posting in November, but hey it’s like a constant reminder of beautiful weather and even more beautiful views. Here are two more from Santorini. The blue domed churches of Oia and the Bay of […]

Залив Амуди

Залив Амуди - это небольшой рыбацкий порт, расположенный в городе Ойя на острове Санторини. Во время моего путешествия это был единственный раз, когда я не находился на вершине гор, а смотрел на них сверху.

Reportage from Santorini

Here is another drawing from my trip to Greece. We visited the island (or archipelago) of Santorini (Thira) which was unlike any place I had ever seen. Upon pulling into the port you can’t believe what you are looking at. The small whitewashed homes that line the tops of the island look like pieces of […]