Зарисовки из штата Апстейт

Я был на севере штата в течение недели и обнаружил, что меня привлекают эти тракторы и подобные им возможности для зарисовок, как старый технический иллюстратор, именно здесь я нахожу красоту. Моя цель для этих эскизов - сохранить их довольно слабыми, не потеряв при этом ни одной из основных структур, некоторые вы выигрываете, некоторые проигрываете.

Old Ford Tractor

I’ve drawn this tractor many times and I’m sure I would have posted other drawings of it here before. It’s a wonderful piece of sculpture as far as I’m concerned, I could fill an entire sketchbook with this old beauty alone. Also I love the complimentary color palette it throws at me.

camper truck

Victoria – camper truck, originally uploaded by Matthew-1. I’m really restless these days. I felt like hot-wiring this rig and taking off on a long rugged road trip up to the Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Alaska. I’d have needed a small fortune for gas no doubt. It would have been a good time to go […]

Когда свиньи летают

Here is another in a series of food truck sketches around Los Angeles. This time I was at Santa Monica Airport, and coincidentally one of the food trucks there was named The Flying Pig. It was neat to see flying planes in the sky and Flying Pig on the ground as sun was about to […]

Зарисовки в Сан-Франциско

I went to San Francisco last weekend – while I used to visit the city fairly often, this was the first trip in six years. I love the city because it is compact enough to explore many parts of it on foot. Here is a view from Alamo Square Park. I sketched some more around […]


I didn’t waste too much time thinking of a title for this one. Doing this drawing was the most relaxing part of a crazy day.

On The Fly

This is the last sketch I worked on during the Rally To Restore Sanity from a couple of weeks ago. Technically its the first sketch I worked on, but I never got a chance to finish it up until recently. On The Fly is another food truck in town, and it made a good choice […]

Pinky [Curbside Cupcake]

I browsed around the always fun Crafty Bastards Fair last weekend and lo-and-behold the Curbside Cupcakes [@CurbsideCupcake] food truck was parked out dispensing their tiny cakes of goodness. I sketched a bit and had a amazing dark chocolate cupcake, though apparently the raspberry lemonade flavor is the way to go. Find them and eat their […]

когда приезжает цирк

Politics has come to town. The first of the California gubernatorial elections (yes, I do just like saying that word) was held yesterday in the Mondavi Center at UC Davis. The race for Arnie’s successor is on. In the democrat corner, Jerry Brown, the man who was governor a long time ago, during the 1849 […]