Episode 1: Sketching During A Pandemic

April 5, 2020 “Sketching During A Pandemic” 

Maru Godas from Barcelona inspired us to dust off a tool or a sketchbook that has been sitting neglected in the back of our closets. In her case it was a giant sketchbook that she bought a couple of years ago but had not used because it was too  big to carry. Since the quarantine Maru has been making vibrant large format drawings of views from her balcony, her morning routine, and beauty recipes.

Challenges from Maru:  

1 Experiment with an material/art supply that you have at home but don’t typically use

2 Draw a process/message that can to help people in the lockdown(beauty or cooking recipe, your at-home routines, etc)

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Lapin also in a lockdown situation in the same city has been drawing a collection of magnificent potted plants on his terrace. Drawing plants could be meditative. He reminded us that this is a good time to slow down and get lost in your drawing for a few hours, making a collection and focusing on the process.

Challenge from Lapin: 

Draw your collection of plants. If you don’t own any plants, then draw a collection of something you own.

Tag with #USkTalks or #USkTalksChallenge

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