Summer’s on Its Way!

[by Chris Haldane in Sydney] After four months in another lockdown in Sydney, getting back into the normal rhythms of life has been accompanied by the annual bloom of the jacarandas. There’s nothing quite like seeing their gorgeous purple-blue dotted through the suburbs as you pass by on the train. And I’ve always loved the […]

Kids in Lockdown

        [by Chris Haldane in Sydney] Sydney has been in lockdown for 99 days today, joining countless others around the world who know what isolation of this type means. It’s certainly been hard on the children, so it was a delight this week on my local walks to see how some have […]

Road Trip to Bathurst, NSW

[By Chris Haldane in Sydney] Feeling privileged to be able to explore our own country again, I joined Liz Steel a fortnight ago on the first part of her road trip to Bathurst,  200km west of Sydney. It’s familiar territory for both of us, but the last year’s events have certainly given us a fresh […]