Rota Vicentina

[By Pedro Cabral in Portugal] Another view of my walk along ROTA VICENTINA, on the SW of Portugal. A high bridge crosses River Mira near Vila Nova de Milfontes. Even with the heavy sky the view (and the walk) is gorgeous.

Porto Covo

[By Pedro Cabral, in Portugal] Rota Vicentina is a pedestrian trail that goes along the coast in southern Portugal. We can walk about 300km on the most beautiful landscapes and enjoying beautiful spots to spend the night. Here a very small fishing harbour in Alentejo.

Intense and colorful Sketch Tour Portugal in Alentejo!

[by Marion Rivolier traveling in Alentejo, Portugal] I was glad to be invited by Urban Sketchers and the Tourism of Portugal to travel in Alentejo during 6 days for the event Sketch Tour Portugal. My host sketcher was João Moreno. The region of Alentejo is huge, covering almost a third of the country. We were mostly […]

10 years x 10 classes in Alentejo

Do you want to participate in the Alentejo program to celebrate 10 years of Urban Sketchers? Take a look at the schedule and book the dates in your agenda! Location: Évora Instructor May 6 10am-12.30pm Little stories 1. Crafts Museum: craft of Alentejo Luís Ançã João Matos May 6 2.30pm-5pm Medium stories 2. The city […]

Convento das Chagas

[By Pedro Cabral in Portugal] I spent last weekend in an ancient convent in Vila Viçosa, Alentejo, Portugal.  I satisfied my apetite of doors, entrances, labirints, passages, stairs and outings. A beautiful, mysterious place.

Baths&Drafts 1

Its now time to beach drawings, this ones made at Alentejo’s coast, Portugal. The best beaches are buried on the cliffs, wind hidden. People are like the beaches, quiet, good to be drawn.