USk Workshop: Light & White in Watercolour, Portugal 28th April – 4th May 2019

Dates:  28th April-4th May 2019 Learning goals: Becoming confident with your watercolour Handling different techniques with ease and fluency Become familiar with classic techniques such as glazing and wet-on-wet  Avoiding common pitfalls The location: Portugal’s Algarve region is well known for its beautiful beaches, great food and sunny climate. We’ll stay in two special places […]

USk Workshop: Light and White in Watercolour

Light And White In Watercolour Join me in Portugal’s beautiful Algarve this coming April for a week of sketching in watercolour. The coast of southwest Portugal is full of pristine beaches, pretty villages and big skies, sparkling in the late spring sun. We will explore how to reflect this shimmering light in watercolour, by learning […]

Behind the Scenes: Sketching in the Algarve, Portugal

[By Róisín Curé in the Algarve] I know just where I was when the invitation came through to take part in the Sketch Tour Portugal. It doesn’t get better than that for us sketchers. You can see a flick-through of my sketches here on You Tube. This piece has some photos from behind the scenes… There […]

Ria Formosa

[By Pedro Cabral in southern Portugal]   Of course I love travelling. New and different things, the unknown, the outstanding… but I also love coming back to already known and dear places and RIA FORMOSA (Algarve, south of Portugal) is one of those sites. Every summer I come back and always get marveled. I love […]

MED Festival at Loulé, Algarve

[by José Louro in Loulé, Portugal] MED Festival hosted in Loulé, Algarve. These drawings were made in July 2016. I was part of a group that was invited by the Loulé Town Hall to do reportage drawing. These drawings are just before the festival start, when you can see how everything works to everything really […]

Holidays sketches II

[by Mário Luz in Portugal and Poland] Its been a while since my last post but this one has plenty of sketches so it feels like a redemption. We just came back from Portugal where we spend our summer holidays with family and friends, the weather was amazing, sea water was warm and we had […]

Warm water

[By Pedro Cabral in Algarve, Portugal.] We are having a splendid summer in Algarve. Water temperature is often about 27ºC, clear, and sunshining. Also weeverfish (trachinidae) like this situation and less adventurous bathers swim with shoes. I never used them during the whole month and was lucky. Wonderful beach days!

Sketching report from Algarve Portugal

[By Marc Taro Holmes in Algarve, Portugal] Hey everyone! We’re recently back from a USK workshop in Algarve. I wanted to share some of the urban sketches from the 11 day painting tour! I liked this alley because of the boats parked in back. That seemed like a slice of life we don’t see at […]

Ten years blogging my sketches

My blog BONECOS DE BOLSO is today 10 years old with almost daily sketches. Ten years ago there was no USk yet. I had just returned from Lagos (Algarve, Portugal) where I draw the first sketch I posted. The coffee shop is not the same but outdoor tables are still there, such as the good […]


76th USkPortugal meeting was in Silves, ancient capital of Algarve, the southern portuguese province. I made the first sketch of the day near the so called “roman bridge”. In april all the surrounding orange trees are flowering and the town  smells wonderfully. It was a great day and in the evening we had great f […]