The art of Cherie Jerrard: cafe culture

Cherie Jerrard, an artist based in Shrewsbury, UK, uses urban sketching as an antidote to her career as a fashion illustrator. She is particularly interested in everyday reportage sketches of cafe culture. She says, “I find cafes and coffee houses the best source for gaining an insight into people’s lives as they relax and chat […]

JooHee Yoon in Italy

By Fred Lynch Allow me to share with you the terrific urban sketches from a pretty amazing ex-student of mine, from Rhode Island School of Design – JooHee Yoon. She’s one of the most innovative students that I’ve worked with, and has gone on to an award winning career as an illustrator for The New […]

Saul Steinberg: Facing the Facts (Through Drawing On-Site)

By Fred Lynch Nearly everyone has seen the drawings of Saul Steinberg. He was one of the most brilliant and celebrated illustrators of the last century. But one kind of drawing was particularly difficult for him, and that was drawing from life – from observation. He was no urban sketcher, but at one point in […]

The awesome sketchbook of Joshua Boulet

Boulet’s work can be see at By Gabriel Campanario Joshua Boulet is a comic book artist, illustrator and sketcher originally from Texas whose work I just discovered a few months ago. I was particularly captivated by his self-published, 130-page book, Draw Occupy Wall Street, a graphic memoir he inked while living at Zuccoti Park, […]

The art of Steven Reddy

Reddy’s book memoir campaign on Kickstarter. By Gabriel Campanario The web is overflowing with creative talent. How can an artist stand out? Steven Reddy has told me several times that you have to do “your own thing,” not follow what everyone else is doing. It’s a simple answer, yet so true. After 35 years filling […]

Leonardo and the Birth of Urban Sketching

While Urban Sketchers started in 2007, sketching itself is as old as the hills. The Tuscan hills, that is.  Recently, when reading the new book Leonardo and the Last Supper, by Ross King, I was stuck by a passage that described a drawing that da Vinci made when he was just twenty one years old. The […]

Karen Sung draws background noise

By Fred Lynch When I’m not drawing, I’m teaching drawing, and this semester, I worked with the terrific Rhode Island School of Design student, Karen Sung, on an independent study project of urban sketching. More particularly, Karen sat in the same coffee shop in Providence, Rhode Island, almost every day for months, and tried to […]

Featuring Felix Scheinberger

By Omar Jaramillo Felix Scheinberger is a new correspondent for Urban Sketchers Berlin. He is a german illustrator. He lives in Berlin. Since I have been living outside Germany for the last 3 years I didn’t know his work. In a sequence of coincidences I got to know about him: a sketcher student of mine […]

Featuring Inma Serrano, Spain

By Omar Jaramillo The Lisbon Symposium allow me to meet a lot of interesting sketchers. There were many of them that I didn’t know their work. That was the case of Inma Serrano. She lives in Sevilla Spain. Inma studied art and currently works as an art teacher in a school in Cadiz. She is […]