Drawing Museum Island

[By Lis Watkins in Berlin] Whenever I visit a new place, I’m filled with two opposing thoughts. Firstly I want to pack in as much sightseeing as possible, secondly I want to do as much sketching as possible. As sketching requires a certain amount of stillness, striking a balance can be a difficult decision. On […]

From digital to analogue on the streets of Berlin

[Guest post by Detlef Surrey in Berlin] Above: Beef Burner BBQ stand at Luftgarten beer garden on Templelhofer Feld (formerly Tempelhof Airport) Being a professional illustrator I have carried out all my professional work digitally since 1991 when I had bought my first computer and Wacom tablet. It is my profession and I like it […]

USk News: new workshop in Berlin, “Drawing People on the Move”

USk is pleased to announce a new workshop taught by Isabel Carmona, Rolf Schröter, and Swasky in Berlin September 27th to 30th. Sketchers will explore Berlin as they learn to draw people on the move and in crowds. For more information about this workshop please click here.

Drawing People on the Move – Pushing Your Sketching Boundaries Berlin 2017

To book contact: isabel@pushingyoursketchingboundaries.com Berlinis a destination for visitors from all over the world – not only for holidays but also for living here a longer amount of time. It is not obviously its picturesque beauty that attracts visitors – compared with other European metropolis it has few – it is build on flat lands […]

Confesions of a Wedding Sketcher

[By Omar Jaramillo in Berlin] For people that have all,  having somebody sketch their wedding is the new trend. It is a well paid job for an urban sketcher. I have done a few and I will share some secrets, how to do your best. The bride and groom took their shoes to do the photo […]


[By Olga Prudnikova] Scrolling over Rosa Luxemburg platz in Berlin.

Potsdamer Platz

[by Omar Jaramillo in Berlin] Some days I walk around and I enjoy to to stop and draw… I was on my way to the mall at Leipziger Platz to look for some gadgets for my camera. Although I have been here a other times,  I “discovered” a view that was in some way new […]

Sketchbook exchange*: Berlin-Tel Aviv

[By Omar Jaramillo in Berlin] Last year there was the commemoration of the 50 years of Diplomatic relations between the state of Israel and Germany. As sketchers we wanted to contribute with our little piece of understanding between these two countries, no, no, no that sounds too formal, let me rephrase: we used it as […]

Berlin, Pariser Platz

Guest post by Detlef Surrey in Berlin The evening after the terror attack in Paris. The Brandenburg Gate was enlighted in bleu-blanc-rouge to express solidarity and compassion with the people of Paris. “Nous sommes tous unies!” Detlef Surrey is an illustrator, comic artist and animator in Berlin. To see more of his sketches, visit his […]


Beach routines along the windy Baltic coast. Surprisingly, there are lots of sand diggers in the every age range. by Olga Prudnikova