Room with a view

[By Lis Watkins in Clermont-Ferrand] This is the view I had from my hotel room when I was staying in Clermont-Ferrand a couple of weeks ago for the travel sketchbook festival, ‘Rendez-vous du carnet de voyage’. I first visited the event, which is held in the French city, last year and vowed to return, this time […]

Black Cathedral

I wish I could join the crowd “place de la Répuplique” in Paris tonight, thanks Martine for being there and showing the massive mobilisation in France after this atrocity. #JeSuisCharlie #WeAreAllCharlieI met Cabu in Clermont-Ferrand last november and was so intimidated in front of this giant.  But tonight, my thoughts goes especially to Clermont-Ferrand: I […]

Les enfants de Clermont-Ferrand

As always, friday, the first of the 3 days of the Clermont-Ferrand Rendez-Vous du Carnet de Voyage is dedicated to the schools. Children come in droves from early in the morning, it’s a bit scary but most of them are kind and respectful.  With more, less or no shyness, but always politely they ask you to draw […]

Killing time in Clermont-Ferrand

Even if you are surrounded by friends as last year on which there was a lot of iberian people (this is what we made the last day and this was the result), at Clermont-Ferrand’s Rendez-Vous du Carnet de Voyage  there’s always down times on which you can play the usual time killer.

Rendez-vous du carnet de voyage at Clermont Ferrand (1)

You cannot leave things so much as to forget them in time, even more when it´s about a professionally enriching experience such as participation in ” Rendez-vous du carnet de voyage “in Clermont-Ferrand , one of the most important travel books authors festivals in the world and almost certainly the most important in Europe. The […]

Iberian Skyline in Clermont

The last day of Clermont Ferrand, the sketcher Jorge Arranz had the idea to draw together a 30 meters paper roll with skylines of different cities. There were Spanish USK and Joao Catarino from Portugal. This is the result. Hope you like it …

Form Clermont-Ferrand to Paris

The Festival in Clermont Ferrand was exhausting, we spent most of the time in the exhibition and later we would have dinner …and sketch each other of course! On Monday I woke up early to at least see something of the city,  so I walked up the hill in direction of the cathedral. I did […]

Clermond Ferrand

The presence of USK in Clermont Ferrand brought to this great meeting an renewed idea of the concept of travel. Traveling is also being aware of what is closer and not just exotic destinations.

Rendez vous de Carnet de Voyage

My Stand I spent a fantastic time in Clermont Ferrand meeting old and new friends. I am so looking forward for the next Urban Sketching Symposium in Barcelona to meet them all again. I went to Clermont-Ferrand, for the pure curiosity of knowing what it is about. Their website was a little confusing even if […]

“XIIIº rendez-vous du carnet de voyage”

last week end was the “XIIIº rendez-vous du carnet de voyage” in clermont-ferrand, france, where many urban sketchers were invited between 120 sketchers to present their sketchbooks, to dedicate books or to portrait the visitors: omar jaramillo, miguel herranz, swasky, inma serrano, luis ruiz, alvaro carnicero, joao catarino, gérard michel… and many local correspondants from […]