Corfu (3)

[by Javier de Blas in Corfu, Greece] 22-26.11.2018. Since our arrival in Corfu Town on October 16 we have changed our vision of the island. What with the monastery and the villages, we definitively banish our tourist prejudices. When I return to the city, Triviño has just discovered the local environment, in the new city […]

Corfu (2)

[by Javier de Blas in Corfu, Greece] After two days in Corfu Town, we visited the  monastery of Skripero, where my friend Father Arsenios, is the abbot. I met him in  Mount Athos in 2011 (there he was called Serafim), in a 4-month journey along the northern coast of the Mediterranean, which I shared in […]

Corfu (1)

[by Javier de Blas in Corfu, Greece] Between 15th and 26.10.2018, Javier Triviño and I are traveling through Corfu. “This is another network to hunt tourists”; so we think, scared, the first morning that, as is logical, the inertia leads us to those streets full of what we outsiders believe should be the local typism. […]

In a few strokes: Travel and friendship

[From Javier de Blas in Corfu, Greece] I am travelling with my friend Javier Triviño. Travelling with someone means always being learning from your trip and from the other’s trip.

Just holidays

[ By Jeroen Janssen ] Holidays in Corfu. I am in vacation. No story this time. Just trying to sketch in an uncomfortable way, people who try to read in a comfortable way