Everyday moments via iPad

By Gabi Campanario in Seattle Evening commute The lady in front of me was tapping the screen of her smartphone, just like every other commuter aboard my evening bus. I don’t think I would have paid much attention to what she was doing if it wasn’t for the striped purple-and-black fingerless gloves she was wearing. […]

iPad sketches from Southwestern Spain

By Gabi Campanario in Montemolín, Spain A recent post of beautiful iPad sketches of Turkey by Leslie Akchurin’s inspired me to share some of my own digital artwork here. I made these sketches just a couple of weeks ago while visiting family in Spain. They show the 900-year-old ruins of a castle in Montemolin, a […]

#USkSingapore2015: A Supersymposium in the Land of the Supertrees

By Gabi Campanario in Singapore As Symposium tradition dictates, the event came to an end today with a massive sketchwalk attended by hundreds of sketchers. Thirty six nationalities were represented this year, so it may be safe to say that the final gathering was the most diverse congregation of people sketching simultaneously on the street […]

#USkSingapore2015: Symposium Night and Day

By Gabi Campanario in Singapore In her workshop, Los Angeles artist and teacher Virginia Hein said finding the harmony of light and dark, a Japanese design concept known as “Notan,” is key to make a successful sketch. Don’t get too distracted by local color first —the green of the trees, the red of the roofs—, […]

The Joy of Sketching

Every Tuesday and Thursday for the past year, after dropping my son at school for early music practice, my daughter and I had some time to kill before the start of the regular classes an hour later. Sometimes we would go to Panera Bread. Other times we chose Starbucks. You’d think this would be a […]

Drawing among chickens

By Gabi Campanario in Seattle Bothell Country Village is a quirky outdoor mall in the Seattle suburbs where you can easily get lost wandering from store to store, especially if you like to browse antiques and handmade arts and crafts. You can get lost sketching, too! During a recent meetup of the Seattle Urban Sketchers […]

Flashback to Paraty

By Gabi Campanario in Paraty, Brazil That “Five Day Art Challenge” going around on Facebook gave me the push I needed to scan and share the last of my Paraty Symposium sketches. I can’t quite remember what musings I wrote next to the drawings. Hopefully nothing too embarrasing!

Back to my old stomping grounds in SoCal

By Gabi Campanario in Joshua Tree National Park, California, USA A recent family vacation in Southern California included a day hike in Joshua Tree National Park and an evening dinner at a nearby In-N-Out, a very popular burger chain that you can only find in California and a few other Western states. Southern California, or […]

Veterans among us

By Gabi Campanario in Seattle, USA “Breaking news: there are Veterans among us!” When my friend Sean posted that on Facebook this morning, I was immediately reminded that every November 11 in the U.S. is Veterans Day. The holiday honors people who have served in the armed forces, and is not to be mistaken with […]

Quick impression of São Paulo

By Gabi Campanario in São Paulo, Brazil Unlike in Rio, where I documented my 35-hour stay over three sketchbook spreads, in São Paulo I only managed to fill one over a similar window of time —I landed Monday night and left Wednesday morning. The city doesn’t come with the sweeping panoramas and colorful beaches of its […]