Corona days diary

[By Marina Grechanik, in Ra’anana, Israel] It was a strange and special period. Everything changed very fast, we were reading some news about the mysterious virus, people are dying from somewhere in China, nothing that can influence us, obviously… Little by little it get to us, borders get closed, our freedom of moving and going wherever […]

Cold weekend in Jerusalem

[By Marina Grechanik, in Jerusalem, Israel] We spend a weekend in Jerusalem – city I always feel like a tourist in it. One hour of driving from Tel Aviv – and everything is changing – the landscape, the architecture, the people and even the air (freezing!). I love the variety of this city, the sense of […]

Watermarks – PYSB Brighton 2019

Brighton has been a seaside resort fashionable since the early nineteenth century. It’s culture and festivals are renowned and has recognisable architecture with notable buildings such as the Royal Pavilion, the West and Palace piers, and now the i360. It has a great diverse community, a great music and arts culture scene, and great quirky […]

Sketches from Mykonos trip

[By Marina Grechanik, in Mykonos, Greece] Only now, when the year comes to its end, I got to post sketches from our small family vacation in Mykonos from the end of September… Anyway, it’s nice to recall end-of-the-summer memories in the middle of winter! It was very relaxed vacation in very beautiful place, which gave a […]

Lisbon – visiting old friend

[By Marina Grechanik, in Lisbon, Portugal] I have been sharing on my blog series of posts about Porto USk Symposium and post-Symposium trip. Here is the last post about my Portugal trip, dedicated to my love – Lisbon! Since the first Urban Sketchers Symposium I attended was in Lisbon, streets of Lisbon will always be connected […]

Gouache, narghile and stories in Jaffa

[By Marina Grechanik, in Jaffa, Israel] I’m in Jaffa again, having some sketching time with my friend Nathan. We’re looking for the perfect spot, were we can combine drinking coffee and sketching. When we pass near Dr. Narghile shop, the decision comes to us simultaneously. We sat down in front of the shop on the heavy […]

Edge of collapse

[By Mario Luz in Christchurch, New Zealand] This poor building has been damaged by the earthquake, had a fire recently and it has been vandalized and tagged all over, but I find it beautiful and inspiring. Here is my sketch to tell the history.

Sketching Weekend

[By Mario Luz in New Zealand ] Thanks to our fellow sketchers, Dave and Andrew, we spent an amazing sunny and non windy weekend in Wellington. Everything was organized by time and location to get the best of the city in terms of hot spots to draw. Highlights go to Cuba street, Te Aro and […]

Lunchtime sketching in gouache

[Guest post by Heather Martin in San Francisco, California] Being the new kid at work is always a little anxiety inducing for me, so for the first week at my new job in early June 2016 in the bustling financial district of San Francisco, I floundered around trying to figure out how to spend my lunch […]

Back Facades

[By Mario Luz at New Zealand] Christchurch city center these days is a total different place. Who saw the center 4 years ago as a fenced and closed red zone area and see it now,  with a brand new face and street life popping out everywhere, still thinks that its unreal. There are a few […]