The master at work

[By Murray Dewhurst in Auckland] Our old car has been pretty hassle free transport in recent years, but in the lead up to Christmas the petrol pump had been cutting in and out from time to time. I’d only just made it home a few times before the engine would splutter out. I was thankful […]

A tribute to Florian Afflerbach

[By Murray Dewhurst in Auckland] Did you see Lapin’s call for contributions in this months Drawing Attention? Sketch a car while you’re at the Manchester Symposium, or if you can’t make it like me, post one in to be added to the Florian Afflerbach tribute wall. You can download this pdf for more information. I’m […]

Back in time

When I came across this scene I felt a bit like I’d been teleported to a different time and place, definitely the early 60’s. It wasn’t just the Austin Healey Midget MkII, but also the English cottage style garage and the lush flowering agapanthus.