Morning exercise, pen and pencil sketching in Chinatown Semarang

[By Rudi Hartanto in Semarang]  Early in the morning just before I took my son to school, suddenly I feel like to sketch something…. so I grabbed my simple sketching tool then put it on my scooter. After took my son to school I headed to China Town finding some spots that actually been very […]

Quickly Sketch on Digital mode

[By Rudi Hartanto in Indonesia]   I was on a trip but was not on sketching purpose. However my sketching appetide suddently appear when looking at the good spot…. so here it is. I use galaxy tab A for sketching. Not bad.

Practicing a basic tool for an artist, pen and pencil sketching

[By Rudi Hartanto in Semarang, Java, Indonesia ]  Its been so long I have leaved pencil sketching. But this morning I have a strong felling to practice it again. As an artist drawing on pencil and pen is a basic tool that we should never neglected. Well .. it was fun though … enjoy my […]

International Semarang Sketchwalk 2016

[By Rudi Hartanto in Semarang] It was so much surprising that the people were very enthusiast following the 3 days  sketching event. Approximately about 400 people flooded the Old city “KOTALAMA” of Semarang. Officially the event was opened by the mayor of Semarang in ‘Semarang Contemporary Art Gallery’ where the sketch exhibition also being held. […]


This coming weekend Semarang will be flooded with about 400 sketchers from nearby cities such as Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Cirebon, Surakarta, Yogyakarta etc. Also some fellows sketchers from Thailand, Singapore,Malaysia, Japan, Australia, US are already registered to come. So far this event will become the biggest one of sketchers party. Instead of drawing on location, […]

Marba Building, Old town, Semarang

For so many times being in oldtown Semarang is always interesting. You will always find a new sight to be captured.  At the begining I was thinking about using black chinese ink. Then  I ended with watercoloring … next time going to sketch monochrome should leave colors at home.

Loose Paper Sketching , The scenes of Semarang

my self handmade art box brush pen & drawing pen for the final touch after watercolor, The scenes of old town Semarang on A4 paper old town Semarang, brush pen & drawing pen after watercolor on A4 watercolor paper The urbanscapes of Semarang , Twig for the sketchy look Watercolor on A4 paper  For the […]

Spiritual Journey to India – 2014

It has been plan about a year ago that I would like to join the journey of Islamic mission to India. I had visited India twice before. The first one was in 1994 and the second one was in 2002 . Those were the journey of man. We called it ‘Rijal jemaat’. This recent journey […]

Morning mood of sketching

My routine job in the morning is delivering kids to school. On the way back I stopped by for about 30 minutes in this spot. The mood suddently come and gone anytime … its the way it is..

evening walk in KOTA LAMA, SEMARANG

It has been too long not to upload to the USK blog. I feel so sad for it. Thanks God I am back again and hope will have more time for it. Kota lama has been my sketches object and will always be mine. Lots of spots worthed to be captured. In another word it […]