Hello again!

I’ve been hoarding my sketches for no particular reason, and haven’t shared any of them in a long, long time, but I plan to unload some on you now. I was travelling around southeastern Turkey near the Syrian border in April, and managed to convince an old gentleman to pose for me in a courtyard […]

Faces of Urfa

Right now I’m in Kathmandu with a very spotty Internet connection, so I hope this post goes through! These are portrait sketches of people who I met in Urfa, Turkey, back in May. I never got to share them, because the mass protests in Istanbul took precedence. I read that last night there were more […]

Sketching Ancient History

On May 10th, I hopped on a plane from Istanbul to Şanlıurfa, a city in Southern Turkey, near the Syrian border. PeF and I joined a group of Turkish artists called karala(ma), who were invited by Harran University to sketch Şanlıurfa— or Urfa, as the city is commonly called. The highlight of the trip was […]