Flashback to Paraty

By Gabi Campanario in Paraty, Brazil That “Five Day Art Challenge” going around on Facebook gave me the push I needed to scan and share the last of my Paraty Symposium sketches. I can’t quite remember what musings I wrote next to the drawings. Hopefully nothing too embarrasing!

How to make artisanal cachaça in Paraty

by Simo Capecchi in Paraty (Rio de Janeiro), Brazil. Photos by Laurel Holmes. When I applied for teaching in the v° Symposium, I was captured by the proposal of sketching inside some distilleries in Paraty. The Sketched Reportage workshop idea was to visit some small producers of cachaça to report the making of the popular […]

The 5th International Urban Sketching Symposium/ The joy of sharing/ Paraty

My work during the first workshop  These are some of my watercolor and charcoal sketches during the 5th USK symposium.  In a restaurant / Paraty      My work during the second workshop (I started with playing with pigments as you see on the left)   My work during the last workshop    Paraty / After […]

Island-Hopping with a Sketchbook

Okay, I promise, we smug people who went to the symposium will stop banging on about Brazil eventually. But I haven’t even mentioned the boat trip yet… It was all Brenda’s idea – she’s the kind of person who gets things done. She organised a group, helped sort out a boat, then pep-talked us when […]

My sketches from Paraty!

I am very late for my post on Paraty here but I still want to do it and take this opportunity to thank the symposium committee and local organisers for the unique and wonderful experience. Paraty is such a beautiful small colonial city paved with cobblestones. These are bigger format ink and watercolour work at […]

Back home and missing my sketch-buddies, after the best symposium ever!

There is no way I can put into words the amount of fun, fellowship and inspiration that was packed into the 10 days I was in Brazil.  The atmosphere at Urban Sketchers symposiums is always electric with excitement and creativity, but this year was definitely something extra special. Maybe it was that the Brazilians were […]

Symposium Sponsor Profile: Strathmore

We are pleased to welcome Strathmore as a Symposium sponsor again this year. Strathmore has participated in two previous events, in Barcelona and in Santo Domingo. Strathmore has been making paper products in the United States since 1892, including fine art papers since 1893.  The new Softcover Art Journals Watch the video to learn more […]

Symposium Sponsor Profile: PEN.UP

We are pleased to welcome PEN.UP as a Symposium sponsor for the first time this year. PEN.UP is a creative social network service that allow you to share images and pictures with other people. You can share your imagination and creativity, follow your favorite artists and peers, collect interesting artworks, and leave comments. Visit their […]

Symposium Sponsor Profile: Cretacolor

We are happy to introduce Cretacolor pencils from Vienna. Cretacolor will be sponsoring the Urban Sketcher Symposium in Paraty this year for the second time. Cretacolor-Passion Box: A 25-piece Sketching and Drawing Set presented in an exclusive wooden case. ​ Made by Brevilliers, Cretacolor pencils are part of a 150 years old tradition in the making […]

About the 5th International Urban Sketching Symposium

Symposium organizer Fernanda Vaz de Campos, an architect and urban sketcher from São Paulo, talks about our upcoming Symposium in Paraty, Brazil. The video is in Portuguese but information about the event is also available in English at http://paraty2014.urbansketchers.org. Spots for Workshops and Activities are limited. Don’t wait until the last minute to register! Hope […]