Leaf blower

[By Jeroen Janssen in Doel, Belgium] The leaves are neatly in the gutter now because all day men with noisy leaf blowers have been busy cleaning the sidewalks. Except at the place I was (in the way). Sorry for that, dear people of Doel. If I had a broom I did it myself but I […]

It’s always the same story

[By Jeroen Janssen in Doel, Belgium] I can’t get enough of drawing the same corner in Doel, every week again.  It’s always the same story: in the weekend, at night, vandals come and break doors and windows. On Saturday and Sunday afternoon, tourists come, enter the houses by the broken doors or the holes in […]

Same place, three days later

[By Jeroen Janssen in Doel, Belgium] Same Place, once before the weekend, once and at the end of the weekend. Look for the seven differences. Look for the friendly stewards who are trying to keep the hundreds of “tourists” outside of the empty houses.  Sad … and angry … but particularly sad, for the remaining […]

Not big news in Doel

[By Jeroen Janssen in Doel, Belgium]  Some years ago I made a big graphic novel: ‘Doel’. Doel is a village that is slowly losing its battle with the Modern Age. Lying next to the industrial harbor of Antwerp, one of the biggest European transits for seafaring vessels, Doel is destined to disappear as the harbor of […]