I’m sketching backwards these days

[By Murray Dewhurst in Auckland] It’s all thanks to the The Grey Book which makes me lay down lights on the page first. When it works well it helps to short-cut the dreaded ‘pencil first’ tendency that tries to sneak in from time to time. I find the looser the initial white is – the […]

Time warp do-up

[By Murray Dewhurst in Auckland]   This pre-Victorian place in nearby St Mary’s Bay sold recently — first time for sale since the 30’s, and boy was it ridgy didge! It even came complete with it’s original laundry ‘copper’ in one of the outhouses and an outside toilet (providing easier access for the night soil man). […]

Bushyhead House, Heritage Park, San Diego, California

Heritage Park was the location of the San Diego Urban Sketchers Meetup this weekend. This is a county park located close to Old Town, San Diego. It measures almost 8 acres and was developed to preserve examples of  San Diego’s Victorian architecture. My sketch is of the Bushyhead House. Mr Edward Wilkerson Bushyhead was an […]