Vinho Verde

[By Pedro Cabral at Minho, Portugal] I went back to Minho, on the North of Portugal, where Vinho Verde (literally “green vine”) is produced. This vineyards are grown on a special canopy built with stone poles, wood and iron beams and lots of iron wire, so that they make their own microclimate. Now, in October, […]

Pruning Grape Vines with Vince

 [By Richard Sheppard in Calistoga, California]  Vince Tofanelli is one of the founding members of our wine group. His family’s vineyard is located in Calistoga, California and he farms and sells most of the grapes to local wineries but retains about 20% of the crop for his own label, Tofanelli Family Vineyard. The 40 acre […]