Episode 2: The Hong Kong Connection

April 12, 2020 “The Hong Kong Connection”

Rob Sketcherman (Hong Kong) and Vanessa Leung (Hong Kong) discussed the challenges they had to solve creatively when planning for the Urban Sketching Symposium. Hong Kong has so much to offer to a urban sketcher from busy markets and traditional cafés called cha chaan teng to colorful streets and sweeping views of the bay with its shiny skyscrapers in the background. Vanessa’s sketches are so colorful that one can almost taste the sweetness of a traditional milk tea and inhale the delicious aromas rising above the food stalls. The two radiated so much welcoming good nature leaving us all with a strong desire to come visit and sketch in Hong Kong as soon as we can get there.

Challenge from Vanessa Leung: 

Draw a Window Without a View, make the ordinary extraordinary.

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James Richards (USA) joined the conversation with his Westerner impression of the city and confirmed the immense visual potential of the place combined with the welcoming attitude of its community. Jim talked about his greatest influences, artists such as Thomas C. Wang, Bon-Hui Uy, and Dong Kingman, his favorite sketching tools of the moment and how his Urban Design background pushes him to think how geography of a place influences its layout and the structures present in it.

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Challenge from James:

Document your day as a storyboard

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