iPad ile Şehir Çizimi - Lizbon

iPad Urban Sketching

Learn to use your iPad and the app Procreate, to create your personal Mobile Digital Studio!

Workshop Information:

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Lizbon, Portekiz

Eğitmen: Rob Sketcherman

Many people own iPads, but have no idea

that they could do so much more with them.

Designed to walk you step-by-step from absolute scratch, even if you’ve never launched a drawing app before, iPad Urban Sketching guides you through your first steps in exploring digital sketching, using Procreate the absolute best creative app for the iPad. I use it daily, highly recommend it, and will show you what it could do for you too.

This workshop will take you from launching Procreate, to understanding its interface, tools and workflows, which will have you sketching digitally by the end of the workshop. While you could begin with just an iPad, Procreate and your finger, there are tools that take iPad sketching from simply possible to sheer delight, so we’ll also look at various complementary accessories that make iPad sketching easier, including stylus options, cases and holders. Once you get acquainted and suitably armed with your new Digital Mobile Studio, we’ll go out and have some fun sketching! Discover gloriously juicy brushes and rich organic textures!

We will also explore digital-specific thought processes and workflows that help you work quickly and with great flexibility, as well as answer some pressing questions; what do sketches look like when printed? How big can digital canvases be? What do you need to know to prepare work for display and exhibitions? You’ll get all the answers here…and you’ll never look at your iPad in the same way again. (Please Note: iPad Air or newer recommended.)

This workshop was originally offered at the USk Symposium in Manchester, July 2016.

Öğrenme hedefleri

Working digitally is relatively new, even for very advanced sketchers, so this workshop is 

designed to get you comfortable with Procreate especially if you’re new to digital sketching. 

You can expect to:

• See how to customize the interface for whether you’re right or left-handed

• Collate your favorite digital tools for easy access

• Learn to customize digital brushes

• Create infinite palettes of custom color

• Begin to think in layers for ultimate flexibility

• Understand how your work goes from screen to print

• Learn to handle the 3 challenges of sketching digitally on location: glare, power and weather

Atölye Yeri

This workshop will be held on Saturday afternoon, 20 May 2017 üzerinde 3 hours at the Museu
Bordalo Pinheiro
, Campo Grande 382, 1700-097 Lisbon, Portugal.

Çalıştay Programı 

3 hours total: 14h30-17h30/18h

Introduction and Gear (10min)

We begin with an introduction of the instructor, a brief history of his experience using Procreate and the iPad for professional work, followed by a discussion and demonstration of helpful gear and accessories, especially styli and tablet holders.

Getting to Know Procreate (90min)

A series of demonstrations and exercises will familiarize participants with Procreate and its interface. They will then learn how to customize important settings, set up favorite tools for optimal use, see what effects are possible, and learn to create their personal digital toolkits.

The Digital Workflow (20min)

Participants use what they’ve learned to do some quick 5-min sketching exercises that help cement  the concept of a digital workflow. This prepares them for sketching outdoors on location.

Sketching on Location (60min)

Participants apply what they’ve learned and create small, easy sketches while the instructor goes among them to offer guidance. The main objective is for participants to try the various brushes and tools, have fun testing options in an outdoor setting, all while practicing basic digital workflow processes. They will also be shown how to deal with issues of glare, weather and battery life.

The session ends with a review of work, sharing and Q&A.

Çalıştay Kayıt ve Ücretleri

Registration Fee: €25

Please contact Louisa Lok at louisa@sketcherman.com yer durumu ve PayPal bağlantısı için.

Maximum number of participants 18 (minimum 10). All levels welcome.

*Çok az sayıda kayıt olması durumunda, tüm paralar Paypal Ücretleri düşülerek iade edilecektir.

*Please note: cancellations up to May 13, 2017 will be refunded the full amount minus a

cancellation fee of €5, and no refunds will be granted after that date. Thank you for your


Malzeme listesi

1. An iPad (iPad Air or newer highly recommended. You will be frustrated with the performance of anything older. Don’t know which model you have? You can check by iPad model number in this POST.)

2. Preinstalled Procreate app (USD5.99 or equivalent on the iOS App Store)

3. A stylus (You may use any stylus, although I  highly recommend one that supports pressure-sensitivity. I also discuss stylus recommendations in the blog post link above.)

4. A stool / chair for sketching if you have one.

You’re also welcome to email me if you have any questions at rob@sketcherman.com

Eğitmen Hakkında

Rob Sketcherman, Hong Konglu bir sanatçı ve illüstratördür ve son 4 yıldır yaratıcı aygıt olarak yalnızca iPad kullanmaktadır. Urban Sketchers Hong Kong'un 5 yöneticisinden biridir. Sokaklarda çizim yapmadığı zamanlarda, her türden illüstrasyon siparişleriyle ilgileniyor ve zaman zaman Apple ve eğitim kurumları da dahil olmak üzere iPad'deki sanatsal ve profesyonel çalışmaları hakkında konuşması, gösteri yapması ve atölye çalışmaları düzenlemesi isteniyor.


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