Episode 5: Storytelling in Isolation

May 3, 2020 “Storytelling in Isolation”

The time we are all living now is for history books to tell, yet our individual experience is limited by the confines of our dwellings and framed by narrow window panes. While storytelling is at the heart of Urban Sketching it typically requires being close to your subjects, taking in the place with all of your senses. The current rules of the game push our creativity to new limits as our view is narrow and our visual information is limited. In this episode we talked to two artists about the ways they found to tell their stories of this time.

Simo Capecchi joined us from Naples, Italy, from her rooftop with a view of Mt. Vesuvius. Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties, we could not see the view but we could hear Simo just fine. Simo does illustration and reportage for clients such as the San Carlo Theatre in Naples, and Bonvini 1909, a historical typography and stationery company in Milan, capturing their work and character in sketches.
During the lockdown, Simo and Amanda Roelle have been chronicling what the quarantine is like in the city (Simo) and the country (Amanda). They sketch and write to each other about their day, Simo in Italian and Amanda in English. Their project shows the differences and similarities in different areas, and can be seen Burada.

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Challenge from Simo

Simo’s project with Amanda inspires her challenge: 2 Halves of a Story. Tell a story with a friend whose experience contrasts, complements, or completes yours.
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Mat Let (Mathieu Letellier) talked to us from his apartment in Paris, France. Mat, an illustrator and graphic reporter, would ordinarily sketch in the metro, his “lab” for testing materials, or go to a bar to sketch people, his favorite subject. He was supposed to spend a month sketching in Morocco, but since lockdown has had to channel the energy for that trip into sketching his surroundings. Following the advice of his girlfriend – “Sketch this moment, it’s history” – he has been sketching inside his home and outside his window. His sketches tell stories with elements of humor, even those chronicling his mild COVID-19 symptoms – he sketched the spices he would smell every day to test if he was better, which took about eight days.

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Challenge from Mat

Mat’s challenge for us this week is to Observe and Sketch Stories of Love. Your sketches can be inspired by the people you’re with or people you observe, or can be objects from someone you miss. Post and tag with #USkTalks veya #USkTalksChallenge

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